Clean Up, Raw House (Deep Engines)

Clean Up is an eleven-page full colour comic created for Raw House, the adults-only line of comics in the Deep Engines original fantasy universe.

It was written by Leia Weathington, with pencils, inks, and colours from Lindsay Ishihiro.

It is currently available for backers at the $10+ level on the Deep Engines Patreon page.

More images:

As Clean Up is published on the Deep Engines Patreon, please contact me for more images and a look behind the scenes at the pencils and inks stages.

My name is Lindsay, and I draw things. I graduated from Simon Fraser University and also studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and currently do freelance illustration as well as put out How Baby, a weekly comic about motherhood.

Other than drawing, I'm a nerd for tabletop and video gaming, cooking, geography, art books, and internet culture.

Largely, I like to use illustration to tell more feminist, body-positive, sex-positive stories that often feature gender and sexual minorities, non-white characters, disabled characters, and unconventional relationships. I love partnering with writers, editors, and publishers who strive to do the same

I am looking for both freelance opportunities and/or steady work in a creative role. I'm particularly on the lookout for anything that fits the above, especially where it intersects with motherhood.

I'd sure like to work with you! Please contact me for information.